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  • Replace content of Smart Object


    I'm in the process to build some of wedding album PSD templates to use multiple times in future.

    I want to know that is it possible to Replace the content of the smart object with another opened file by drag and drop ? I've google and found that it is possible by Select Layer > Smart Object > Replace Contents, and navigate to disk for the file.

    any help is really appreciate, drag and drop will speed up my work.

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    Re: Replace content of Smart Object

    Yes, there are two ways to do it. Your method is almost correct. With you S.O. layer acyive, you go to the Layer Menu and Layer>Smart Object>Replace Contents, and navigate.
    The other method is to just right click on the SO layer in the layers palette (not the icon or the eyeball but where the Layer name is) and just select Replace Contents.
    I do not think you can drag & drop and it is likely as fast or faster to right click on the layer especially if all you templates are in one folder because after you do this the 1st time, PS will always open the navigation window to the same file.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Replace content of Smart Object

      MisterMonday, Thank you for reply.

      I do not want to go through the dialogboxes to choose a file. I want to replace the content of an smart object with another opened image in photoshop. I'm sure It is possible, I seen that another artist is using this technique, what is the tweak I don't know but it is possible.


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        Re: Replace content of Smart Object

        Hi ashphotoart
        I have an idea for you - this is how I do it, but may not suit your workflow.
        Double click on the smart object (to open it as an editable file in PS)
        Drag your new image into the smart object file
        Update smart object in original file

        (Obviously dragged pixels will use colour mode and resolution of original smart object file - so change these first if they are different to your required colour mode and resolution)
        hope this helps


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          Re: Replace content of Smart Object

          Nope, I want to get more speed while designing the wedding album, there is no boundation to work with smart object, any method we can use to drag and drop the images into template and it should change. I need any method to do it, Smart object is not the boundation, may be script can help ?


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