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Akvis sketch, plug in or standalone???


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  • Akvis sketch, plug in or standalone???

    Hi there

    i'm looking at purchasing akvis sketch and am currently trailing their standalone programme, but now i realize that is dosn't accept photoshop "psd"s.

    Do you know if their plug in version accepts "psd"s or only jpegs?


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    Re: Akvis sketch, plug in or standalone???

    The Akvis Sketch plugin works in Photoshop (and other applications that support PS plugins, e.g., Elements, Painter, etc.). I use it with PS CS3 and can positively confirm Sketch can be applied to files in .psd format. It works great. Download/install the plugin trial and give it a go.

    ALSO: Check heree for Akvis discount codes:


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      Re: Akvis sketch, plug in or standalone???

      Thanks Danny for that info.

      I thought i would try the stand alone version for a start but it dosn't seem to open psds, but its good to know that the plug in version does, makes it much easier to work with layers etc.
      Thank you for your assistance


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        Re: Akvis sketch, plug in or standalone???

        With the Deluxe version you can use both the plug-in and standalone versions, with the features of both, including the Stroke Direction tool.