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  • Photoshop: Channels

    I wish one day I could do something like that:
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    Re: Channels

    Well, it can work ;-)
    Just check out my action here:
    It separates the RGB channels and puts them in your layers palette so you can work on them however you want to :-)

    Attached a sample.
    But to tell you the truth, for adding adjustment layers just to individual channels you won't need this. Just double click on the adj. layer and in the Advanced Blending section uncheck the channels you don't want to affect.

    Edit: Oh, and if that's taking to long for you (it'd for me I know, I'm lazy ;-)), just create one single adjustment layer, uncheck the channels you don't want to affect and clip every new layer to it for which you just want the selected channel(s) to be affected.
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      Re: Channels

      Thanks Jonas, the action is great & the PSD file excellent. These are perfect building blocks for an extension panel.

      ____ I've created a simple panel that enables me to view each channel in grayscale with a possibility of a quick switching between them, while I am adjusting the B/C.
      I hope you don't mind me using your action.

      _____ Here you can download the panel.
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