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  • Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

    ...Giveaway of the Day today. Have a few more hours to download it. Seems cool and does have a Droste filter which I like. Can't get PS compatible filters added in for whatever reason, but that's not a game changer to me. For the price, it's worth a little play imo.

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    Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

    Thanks, just downloaded it.
    Always good to have an alternative.


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      Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

      i'm afraid i'm always a little suspicious of things like this, especially since the readme says it must be installed within the time period, not just downloaded within the time period but installed as well. i downloaded it, read the readme and went, 'uh, what?' and didnt install it. i dont know their reason for doing all this, but it struck me a bit funny in how it was being done and turned me off to it.

      i do hope it's fine and was just some sort of test or something. those that did download and install, do let us know how it is.


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        Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

        Nothing wrong with being cautious Craig. I've downloaded several gems from GAOTD over the past 2 years. Lost most of them when I upgraded to Win7, but since then, I got Inpaint back and now Zoner Home. Probably won't be using it a lot, but it does have a few cool features that I might play with from time to time.

        Also, for all software they offer, they give you a 24 hour Window. Usually folks add remarks about their issues with the install and I usually read several before deciding to download any program there. They suppost to vet the programs, but again, nothing wrong about being cautious. I sometimes actually install programs in my VM to see if any weird behaviour occurs before committing to my Win7 OS (did that for Inpaint; not so for Zoner).
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          Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

          If you take note of the day you downloaded them, you probably can reinstall them anytime by temporarily changing the date of your computer or am I wrong?


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            Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

            Good try, but alas no SA. Part of the deal that you have is to install their package which does a phone home check just to insure that it's the right day (small price to pay for cools software, but you have to be willing to do so). That's the only thing that many find suspicious about GAOTD programs, but I only had one incident with a registry cleaning product (don't ask; learned my lesson. Thank God for recovery points) that gave me some pause. They do suppose to vet the programs they have on their site, but, if you read the comments that folk leave, not all will be happy. That's pretty much how you vet for yourself. If you get an overwelming negative response, then you run away, otherwise, you give the software a try if you find a need or desire for said software. I've used many of the games they offer (only weekends now, and not all time on their Game Givaway site) too and miss a few of them (and do hope they offer these games again; most of their software have been offered in previous times which is cool; guess it's a way for the software owners to advertise their products which pays for it all).


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              Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

              Cool then, I am glad I have never installed anything form that website, avoiding me any subsequent frustration would I need to reinstall those softwares.

              Thanks for the headup. Cheers.


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                Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

                Maybe so SA, but they do offer gems from time to time. Like I said earlier, a small price to pay for free, but you have to be willing to sacrifice frustration as payment. Some are; others aren't. To each's own.


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                  Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

                  so the hook is you get this (whatever) free for as long as your computer works and you keep this freebie installed, but as soon as you 'break' it, that's it, you then have to buy it. interesting method of selling. they get you hooked by making it free then once you're hooked and relying on it, they gotcha! lol. ok, that's sounds so ominous the way i just said it, and i mostly meant it as a tease, but it's actually more like an extended demo (depending on how long you can keep it installed and working) than anything else.

                  thanks, lyle


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                    Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

                    I know Craig. lol

                    Still, they do tend to recycle past programs (come up again 3 or 4 times a year), but not all do. I had a few games that I miss, but hope they will come back. Price to pay for not paying. If you really like a program, the cost of most of the programs are less then $30 (many less then $10). Your right about the hook though. Lost about 3 cool programs when I upgraded to Win7 (got Inpaint back). Click link below of one I just did recent (not all Inpaint, but bulk of it is). Just scroll to the top to see the authors original version. I'm hoping some of the other cool programs like PD Particles come back soon. Only $19, but I only have rare occasion to use some of these effects and pretty much can do without (though the brush effects are cool).



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                      Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

                      hehe, you're even worse than me on freebies


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                        Re: Zoner Photo Studio 12 Home edition free at...

                        It's called being on surviver mode Craig. Vetted freeware/open source programs are like jewels to me; a luxury that I would be stupid not to partake.


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