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  • older versions of Photoshop

    are older or earlier versions of Photoshop still available , I am currently using Pse and I would like to expand on my retouching skills , the last full version of Photoshop i was using was Photoshop 7.0 then i had a problems with my computer and i did not have a back up copy. I tried using pse no layer masks . where could i purchase an earlier version of Photoshop ?

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    Re: older versions of Photoshop

    Will, Ebay can be a good source if you shop carefully. FYI, CS5 is expected to be released in late March or early April. That means many stores and other legitimate sellers will be looking to dump stock of CS4. All the caveats apply regarding copies and non legitimate versions. Make sure you have a genuine product that can be registered with Adobe. FYI, all versions of PS after version 7.0 require Adobe Activation.
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: older versions of Photoshop

      CS3 old version Photoshop.


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        Re: older versions of Photoshop

        Be very careful with Ebay purchases of Photoshop. I got burned buying CS3 on Ebay a couple of years ago. I got what looked like a very genuine copy for $300. I received it and it installed great. I ran the on line registration and it went through fine. I used it blissfully ignorant for a long time. I then ordered CS4 upgrade and tried to install it. Was informed that my serial number was not genuine. Called Adobe who said my serial was not in the database. My only recourse was to purchase a genuine full copy (ouch)$$$.
        The fake was very cleverly made and would fool just about anyone. The disk had been altered to give the impression that the software was registering itself on-line NOT!!! Anyway the safe way to go is to ask the seller for the serial before you bid and check with adobe to see if it is in their database. An honest seller will have no problem with that. I still can't believe that I gave that jerk positive feedback and thanked him for a great deal.....


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          Re: older versions of Photoshop

          Hey, just thought I'd chime in here and say that I found a full boxed package of Photoshop at a garage sale for $3.00. That is, the original Photoshop. Version 1. Not even layers were used then! I'ts sitting on a shelf in my home, sort of like an antique!


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            Re: older versions of Photoshop

            That's cool; wonder if you could even run it anymore?


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              Re: older versions of Photoshop

              Originally posted by lkroll View Post
              That's cool; wonder if you could even run it anymore?
              Well, if he can't, I can loan him a MAC SE which was minted the year before the release of PS1. Considered state of the art at that time, it had a MC68008 16 bit CPU that ran at a blazing speed of 8 Mhz. It had a whopping 1 MB of DRAM (yes, 1 megabyte), and a gimongous 10 MB hard drive. It took about 5 minutes to boot up the MAC OS for which PS1 was optimized. Of course back then MS Excel fit completely on a couple of 1.44MB 3 1/4 floppy disks.

              Christofur, you have a collector's item. You should hang on to it.
              Regards, Murray


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