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    I'm looking at my options for new virus software after my recent hard drive crash.
    I was using Norton Firewall and Norton Anti Virus but I was still attaced by a hacker.

    I''m not sure I want to continue using norton so I'm looking at the alternatives.I'm using Zone Almarm Fire wall at the moment.
    So far F-Prot Antivirus is looking good. Has anybody used it? Or have you any other suggestions? I'd love to get you advice before I continue.
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    I hope you don't mind my prying but how did the hacker get through you firewall? Were the settings conservative or lax? I would think the very reason you have a firewall is to separate your computer from the rest of the internet's malicious hackers.
    Do you update your "known virus file" regurlarly?



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      I had my security settings on high and I updated atleast once a week. I was quite security conscoius so it was quite a shock.
      My whole hard drive was trashed,My system settings were changed and there was no way the computer tech could change them back all ways were blocked, even my systems icon in my control panel was gone and replaced by a smiley face. The computer tech told me that they must have gone around my firewall rather than go through it, I don''t know exactly how they did that but it was done. He had little doubt that I had been hacked.


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        I'd recommend staying with Zone alarm (and possibly going up to the pro version) or using Kerio Personal Firewall (the same thing as Tiny Personal Firewall which isn't free anymore)

        - David


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          Thanks David, What do you suggest for anit virus software?


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            I use AntiVir XP personal edition
            you can use it with any version of windows, it works well and it's free.

            - David


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              The virus software is not what permitted the hacker to access your system. There is a reason that Norton is the most highly rated Anti Virus in most of the computing magazines and trades.

              The one thing I would suggest is to get the latest version (2003) and set it to check daily for virus updates (if you happen to have an always connected system).

              My Norton traps, on average, at least three virus infected emails per week.

              I also use BlackIce as my firewall software. On a daily basis there are at least 200 attempts to probe my system ports according to the log of blocked attacks. The nice thing about BlackIce is that it also tracks IP information and I have been able to email several college MIS departments and provide them with the IP addresses of the persons attempting to hack my system. They have all been very cooperative and communicative when I send them the tracking information. The funny thing is, the hacking attempts from that particular IP or university always stop, shortly thereafter.

              Here is the link if you are interested:

              Hope this helps!



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                Blackice works really well. I run that also.