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  • Plug-In: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

    Like most of us, I rely on third party noise removal software. I decided to download the latest 30-day trial version of Topaz' DeNoise, version 4. I did not like the results in version 3. However, I'm finding it to be pretty darn good at its defaults. In fact, I'm liking it better than either of the other leading plug-in's based upon actual noise removal and detail retention.

    I would like for some of the other regulars to try it and let me know what you think as well. The 30 day trial is free, easy to install with no issues.

    What I like.
    - easy install.
    - non-complex interface, not overly technical; makes for quick work.
    - consistent keystrokes with Photoshop.
    - analyzes image and matches a preset it thinks is good.
    - very good results at factory presets.
    - results are comparable or better than some of the competitors.
    - excellent detail retention.

    What I dislike.
    - a little slow.
    - goes through a complete redraw every time you move a slider.
    - does not allow zooming out more than 100% (understand why, just dislike it).

    I'll be nice and give you the link... DeNoise 4
    Put your email in the address field for the 30-day trial.
    Then click the tiny little links to the download for your OS, under the icon.
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    Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

    what other de-noise programs can you compare it to?


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      Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

      I've been mostly using Neat Image and Noise Ninja. While I like both, I had settled on Noise Ninja.... simply had more hours into using it and figuring out all the little tweaks.

      But, I really hoped one or the other would come out with updates that would result in a simpler user interface, while providing better noise removal out of the box.... little or no tweaking.

      This is what I like about DN 4.0 . Besides being very good out of the box, the edge detail retention seems superior to me. But, I would like to hear other opinions if you guys are willing to take a look.


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        Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

        Remember you can get discounts on all Topaz products.


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          Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

          Definitely worth the money. I also own Noise Ninja and find I use both depending on the situation and the result. Topaz just came out with 4.1 and free for those who own the program.


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            Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

            Tommy, I just updated from 4.0 to 4.1 which allows the plugin to function in CS5. I have been using Imaginomic's Noiseware which I found superior to both Noise Ninja and Neat Image.
            DeNoise 4.1 has come a long way but I prefer Noiseware by far.
            - Noiseware has more intelligence going on in the background. It will almost always give me a perfect or near perfect result in auotmatic mode. I find the controls more intuitive with more ability to fine tune more things when I need to.
            - I find the presets in Topaz do not often produce a result that is close to satisfactory
            - I find that it is way to easy to over soften in Topaz by moving a slider just a little.
            - Compensation for detail in Topaz seems to introduce noise and grain that was not in the orig image.
            - Tommy, as you point out Topaz redraws every time you click anything including the window to resize the panel.
            - FYI, in version 4.1 you can zoom in >100%.
            A while ago I purchased the complete Topaz bundle. I find the other plugins useful but I just ignored DeNoise. I plan to stick with Noiseware.
            Regards, Murray


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              Re: Topaz DeNoise 4.0 - Pretty Slick

              Ok I've demo-ed both Topaz and Noiseware for a time.

              It's Noiseware for me.

              Topaz is an nice quick and dirty easy and intuitive PS plugin. But like all the Topaz software always seems to take it too far with me at the helm.

              I really like all the various settings to tweak in Noiseware.

              the new ACR/Lightroom noise reduction is certainly spruced up. Too bad it's not so easily accesible when you're already in PS.


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