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Configuring LR Shortcuts :)

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  • Configuring LR Shortcuts :)

    Hey pals, I have found something very interesting when I was wondering how the hell configuring the LR Shortcuts. For example, I'm a fan of exporting as smart objects into PS, but seems that such shortcut doesn't exist and LR doesn't allow creating/modifying shortcuts. However, Steve Jobs did it for us

    To configure some shortcuts for applications just:

    1) Open your preferences window (Apple/System Preferences).
    2) In the Hardware Section choose Keyboard.
    3) Select Keyboard Shortcuts (I'm translating this, 'cause I have it in Spanish).
    4) Select Applications from the left column.
    5) Click the + button located below the shortcuts box view.
    6) From the Applications pop-up window select LR from the pull down menu.
    7) In Menu Title insert the full name of the shortcut, write it exactly the same as it is in the app.
    8) In the next box, Add Shortcut, type up the combination of keys you want to execute the desired command.
    9) Close and enjoy!

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    Re: Configuring LR Shortcuts

    Thanks Mart. I was interested in that exact same shortcut. I wonder why Adobe makes it so much harder to open as SO in LR than Camera Raw.


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      Re: Configuring LR Shortcuts

      Going a step farther:


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        Re: Configuring LR Shortcuts

        Originally posted by andrewrodney View Post
        very cool, pal!


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