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Great CD package offer--limited time!

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  • Great CD package offer--limited time!

    Go to and see the special package offer that I bought last week. As it says on the page:

    "Andromeda Techtures, AutoFX's DreamSuite Series Two &_the entire KPT product line for_$199 (a $750 value)._You get 60 plug-ins in a once-in-a-lifetime bundle deal from Andromeda, Auto FX & Procreate."

    This really is a great deal! I got KPT 3 and 5 on one CD, KPT6 on another, and KPT Effects on a third. Plus they include the overpriced Dreamsuite CD (which runs slowly and is a pain, though some of its effects are nice) and another disk of features from Andromeda that I haven't even installed yet! They are not kidding about the full price value of these, since I have shopped online for pieces of this package and the individual prices really do come to over $700!

    I mainly wanted the KPT disks, since I have got so much use from my old KPT2.1 (which is no longer available).

    This offer is only good until 11/15/02, so if you want it, better order it now!


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    How can I resist.

    Thanks, Phyllis


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      Note that it's DS Series 2, not the original.
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        I'm also interested in the package as well. I noticed that KPT 5 does not support Photoshop 7.


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          I believe I have read that KPT3 doesn't work under PS7, either. Just be sure before you plunk down the $$ for this pkg or the PS7 upgrade if you get hooked on KPTx.

          In any event a very impressive package of effects. The original Dream Suite (series 1) sold for $299.

          Good catch and post, Phyllis.



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            I seem to recall reading somewhere that a fix for KPT was released. Maybe the 7.01 update?
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            Take responsibility for learning


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              In response to some concerns listed above by a few folks, I can say that from my own experience this past week that both KPT3 and KPT5 perform just fine. Fast, too.

              And, yes, it is Dreamsuites 2 which is included in the package. I am curious to learn if others have the same problem running Dreamsuites on their computers. On my machine, DS2 runs so slowly it's too annoying to use. I am using a G4 Mac with a gig of built-in memory, so it's unlikely that my machine is the problem. Also, I found that it runs better as a separate program that through PS7.

              At any rate, I'd have bought this package just for the four, count 'em, FOUR, KPT sets included...that's a lot of features! I think I will install the last CD now and see what "Andromeda Series 4 Techtures" does! I'll let you know.



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                The KPTx / PS7 incompatibilities might be a Windows platform thing. It was on the Photoshop/Win forum at where I first read about it. Since I seldom used KPT3 filters under PS 5.5 and at the time wasn't contemplating an upgrade to PS7, I haven't followed it for a couple months. I would be surprised if (now Corel [Procreate?]) would retrofit older versions they inheritied. I don't know if a workaround was ever developed / discovered. As Doug said, perhaps it was fixed in the recent PS7 bug fix.

                RE: Dreamsuite X is slooooooow
                Yep. Ran into that myself. Installing DS-1 caused me to exceed the PS 5.5 filter/plugin limit . This rendered other effects/filters useless since they no longer showed up on the filter menu. I decided to mothball DS-1 until I upgrade to PS7. Before yanking it, I found many effects appealling, but the performance awful. No wonder they practically have to give it away now. Bad news travels fast.

                Andromeda Techtures
                You'll be in texture heaven (or the other place).... Too many from which to choose; too little time to try all the variations. A nice problem to have.


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                  I have the entire DS line, and have noticed no speed problems in Windows (other than taking several seconds to render effects on large files, but that's to be expected). I did, however, run into problems until I installed the patches that are available on their website.

                  I use DS1 a lot, DS2 never, and DS Gel occasionally. I suspect I'm not alone on DS2 (and that's the reason they're repackaging it).
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    I think the CD comes with a plugin version and a stand-alone version. Have you tested the speed using the stand-alone version?


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                      Yes, I have tried DS2 alone, and it's almost as slow. I might see if there's a patch for mac on their site to correct my problem...or just ignore the silly thing altogether!

                      I just installed and tried the Techtures plug-in and think it's really great! I already did a picture with it, and will no doubt use it a lot!



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