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  • New Computer W/xp Problems

    I just purchased a new HP comp running Windows XP. After loading my software including PS Elements and Norton System Works, Elements is just not working properly.

    So far I have found that when cropping, the crop lines jump large spaces during adjustment, when I click the print command, my photos turn into "60's psychadelic images" , I cannot control font size or color. I don't know what else I will run into.

    I have uninstalled and re-installed several times trying different combos w/wo/Norton and nothing seems to help.

    Any suggestions??? Gregory

    OH YEAH: I have been running Windows ME and Celeron. Moved up to P4.

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    First of all Welcome to RetouchPRO

    You probably Have - but - Have you checked for updates to both programs on there web sites?

    There might be known conflicts there.


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      Hi Gregory,
      Welcome to Retouch Pro. I agree with Clare. When I installed XP I went to all the websites of the software I planned to install just to see if there were any updates for XP. For situations where you can't get an update then XP offers a compatibility wizard so you can install the program in the version it best works with such as 95, 98, 2000 etc. So far I've had no problems with XP and installing things that were only listed for earlier Windows versions but I know of others who say they have. Also, since you just got it you should be able to get help from support as well. They get these type questions all the time and usually have a good answer. Good luck and if you do finally reslove things please let us know for future members who may have the same trouble.


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        Gregory, This almost sounds like a video card issue. Definitely look to see if there is an updated driver. Go to the manufacturer's website (assuming the video is a separate card and not on the motherboard). Otherwise, contact HP support. Since you just got it, you should have some sort of (at least short-term) support. Probably online support.

        The other thing to do is check the Microsoft Knowledge Base and see if there is anything in there about Elements and XP.

        Good luck! I know how it is trying to figure out quirks in the system. I feel like I've spent the last 6 weeks doing just that!



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          norton conflict

          I have no computer knowledge but I have been told by many when experiencing program problems, especially with adobe products, to not have norton on the computer.
          My new computer came with it and xp and when I took it off, no problems.


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            Hmmm - good point platscha. In addition, I've been told that even when you uninstall SystemWorks, it still leaves some stuff in the registry. Gregory - you might want to try running a registry cleaning program to find what SystemWorks has left in there. That way you can be sure it's gone. Or (and I REALLY hate to say this!!), try reinstalling from scratch to make sure you've got a clean system. (Might not be a bad idea anyway, b/c HP adds a lot of stuff/junk to their systems - most of which I never use.)



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              I have norton virus checker and have had norton utilities both on XP with PS and have never run into any problems / conflicts. It may be a conflict as jeaniesa mentioned with your graphics card or something else.

              If you know exactly what each of the items of hardware are in your computer then I would check for updates to everything - including modems as they can be the source of errors. Just because you bought your computer whole and running does not mean they have used the correct drivers. XP comes with loads of its own drivers built in - but sometimes these are not the best drivers for the hardware.

              It might also the version of Norton that your running - if it is slightly older version it might not be compatiable with XP or something in your computer.

              I hope you have luck in sorting your system out.
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                Clare, they way I understand it is that Norton Anti-Virus and Utilities as separate programs are not the issue. It's the SystemWorks bundle that causes problems for some people. (Probably not all people, or they wouldn't be able to continue selling it.) Of course, I could be mistaken.


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                  I thought they were all part of the same kind of thing!!!

                  I just looked it up on the web - Norton system works contains Norton Anti Virus, Utilities, Clean sweep and GoBack personal edition.

                  I am normally very selective when installing these programs so maybe the issues are with the bits I haven't installed. I tend to just go for the disk defrag and Optimization wizard and the virus scanner - ( which I would not live without - I keep getting virus's sent to the email address on my web site!!!)

                  Sorry for any confusion caused

                  While I was on the site I thought I would do a quick search heres what I found -

                  Adobe Photoshop Fails with Cleansweep Deluxe Monitors Active

                  Adobe Photoshop fails to run with CleanSweep Deluxe Usage Monitor and Install Monitor active. Adobe Photoshop reports module errors on startup after CleanSweep Deluxe is installed.

                  Both CleanSweep and Photoshop use a .DLL file called PLUGIN.DLL. The CleanSweep installation can overwrite the Photoshop version of the file, thereby causing the error.

                  To correct this problem, update to CleanSweep Deluxe 3.08. If you have version 3.06, update to version 3.07 first, then to version 3.08.
                  These patches are available at
                  Sorry the url didn't work - go to
                  and type in
                  Photoshop elements and norton system works

                  The first one in the list goes to the page I found above

                  Hope this helps


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                    Clare, Over in my hard drive problem thread, Randy mentioned that:

                    Systemworks sneaks into all areas of your system and even though you may not actually be running a certain facet of the program, it is running and scanning information for you in the background.

                    The only way to avoid this is to do a clean install, then install the retail version of Anti-Virus (do not do a custom install from systemworks and only select anti-virus to install).

                    Even in a custom install, you still get the primary systemworks components installed "just in case" you decide to add additional components or diagnostics at a later time.

                    So, I ended up purchasing just Norton Anti-virus and installing that. If I decide I need Norton Utilities, I'll buy that separately too. I've just had too many problems over the last few months to introduce "possible problems" that some (but not all) others have found the hard way. I'm tired of fighting with my system. (Yes, I admit, it's winning. )



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                      I just found that Adobe has a Knowledge Base as well. The following two links don't address your problem directly, but you might want to try some of the suggestions.

                      Troubleshooting System Errors and Freezes in Photoshop Elements for Windows

                      Troubleshooting System Errors and Freezes in Photoshop Elements for Windows, Part Two

                      I'd look for other references, but I'm getting an error on the site at this very moment. In any case, you might want to check out that resource.



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                        This has got to be the greatest bunch of people on the web. Thank all of you so very much for your suggestions!!

                        Before installing any of my software, I went online and got all the reccomended Windows updates. ( well, not quite all: one of the service packs advised me it would take about a gillion minutes to download, so I skipped that one for now. It was specific to HP Recovery Program.)

                        I installed PS first and the problem was there to begin with. Later, I installed System Works Pro 2002 to see if it could fix the problem. No such luck...

                        By now, I have uninstalled and re-installed everything but still no good w/PS.

                        The only updates at Adobe for Elements were some plug-ins for the P4 processor.

                        I just got in from a long trip and came to this site first...Will go to the suggested links now to look for aid.

                        I have also discovered that my layers pallette wont stay open and is unmovable. I set all my preferences up like I had them in Windows ME, where I never had any problems w/PS/Norton. I'm no Rocket Scientest on computers and if it wasn't for Norton System Works, my computer would have been laid to rest long ago. (I have 8 and 10 year old children who think they are rocket scientest w/computers. They now have my older model to gum up)

                        Gottqa go check those links..Gotta have my PS FIX soon!!



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                          30 minutes after my last post: I went to the Adobe site for Elements Troubleshooting part 1 and read thru it.

                          I decided to close all programs running in the backgroung AND reset the Preferences List by starting Elements and pushing CONTROL-ALT-DELETE. As I did this, I got the the DREADED BLUE SCREEN, but only for an instant.

                          The prompt that Adobe mentions; reset preferences list?, did not appear, but the program loaded as usual.

                          The first thing I noticed was that my Layers Pallette was open and movable. I then tried adding a text layer and now have control of the fonts. Next, I clicked the Print command and went thru my usual setup. EVERYTHING WORKED PERFECT!!!

                          Only one glitch so far: when you cancel the Print command, the open images get that psychedelic look..BUT, as soon as you click the mouse, they return to normal. This I can live with. So, whats gonna happen when I restart the computer? Not a thing! Elements loaded without closing any background programs and everything STILL WORKED PERFECT!!!

                          Mind you, I have not made any changes to anything: just did the steps above and got good results. Now I'm gonna go install Norton and see what happens. Aren't these machines CRAZY??



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                            Trouble with your computer?

                            Originally posted by gblount
                            Now I'm gonna go install Norton and see what happens. Aren't these machines CRAZY??
                            They're not crazy, they're just not Macs. I guess Windows users are so used to the Gates OS that they just keep buying PCs out of habit. Too bad, cuz once you try a Mac, you never go back.



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                              Sounds like you've fixed the worst of the problems. I'm glad those links helped! Hope Systemworks loaded OK for you and that everything is working smoothly!!

                              BTW, you will probably want to download that HP Recovery Program update at some point fairly soon. Don't want to scare you, but you might want to read this article about the problems with the HP Recovery Program.



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