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    I would like to ask what changes did you encounter in psp7 that you think psp6 dont have?
    what changes do you think are also not needed.
    What changes in psp7 surprised or baffled you since changing from psp6?
    if i install photoshop elements can i also uninstall it and where can i see and use it?
    what is the use of this elements btw?
    Can adobe distiller convert pdf to word doc? if not, then what program can you suggest?

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    As you can read in another post I am new to ps7 but what I have found is the healing brush and patch tools are almost magical. I am finding the fill and flow options in the layers and tools pallets kind of confusing. either i'm not understanding them properly of they are kind of reduntant.\
    I don't know about ps elements so wont coment


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      Yes, there will be a Hidden Power book for Elements 4.

      Yes, the book will cover all of the power tools that were created for Elements 3, including Curves and Color Balance.

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