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  • Blood Brothers?

    I was watching a friend demo Corel Painter the other night and was wondering are Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter designed to do the same type of work or are there major differnces in function between the two? Comments.

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    Chris, I think Illustrator and Painter are very different. I haven't used either one very much, but my understanding is that Illustrator is used to create vector graphics and Painter is more like a "digital painting" program.



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      I've seen painter in action and of course I have the poverty version that came with the tablet. I have an old copy of Illustrator but have never gone into it in depth. From reading various newsgroups and graphics sites Corel dont seem to have got rid off their reputation for releasing programs that are still rough round the edges.


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        Basically they're different: Painter handles pixel based graphics better. Illustrator is better suited for vector based graphics.

        I am not a proficient user of neither but tried my hand at it very briefly.



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