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    hi, i know that this is the wrong forum for this, but I will ask you a help: how can i convert a wmv format that windows movie maker created to mpeg so i can upload it into a friend's server? the quality is bad and I still cant find the answer. Also, can I ask you a favor, pls suggest some project for me because we have aproject at school that requires one to do web programming. what projects could i do? lets keep it simple. the requirement is that it should have server that is created by jsp or asp. i'm not sure. pls. suggest sites where i can start learning how to program dhtml, java script and server programming. where can i also download a pc version of tomcat i can't see any. thanks for reading.

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    Try here for a converter. I use their media wizard for audio conversions and it works great. For free converters, run a search on Google, specify "wmv to mpeg coverters" Hope this is a start.

    Forgot about this site as well. Programmers Heaven, it has converters and might help the rest as well
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