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  • Review: HyperTyle

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    An extensive review by Danny Raphael
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    Wow, now that's an indepth review. You took alot of time to explain everything and show examples. I also think the way you added stars was a nice touch. Definately a top notch reivew and a very interesting product.


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      A well written review!

      Hell, I was sold with the teaser you gave us earlier Now that I've read the review (which was quite detailed), I will no doubt purchase the software as well as "Plugin Galaxy", which has features that I've been looking for (and I'll save a few bucks purchasing the bundle).

      It seems there are a lot of plugins that do nothing more than occupy space. It is refreshing to see someone create software that is flexible, quick and reasonably priced.


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        Thanks for this excellent review, Doug. I just downloaded the 1.01 demo and will give it a whirl (keeping in mind your helpful caveats about the limited functionality of the demo). I'd often like to do a bit more creative work on some clients' web sites but can't justify vast amounts of time doodling in Photoshop.

        Thanks again.


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          For the record, the review was done by Danny Raphael. I just posted it for him.
          Learn by teaching
          Take responsibility for learning


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            Well, Doug, you get credit for posting the review anyway. I'm one of those eager people who never get past the lure of "View Here"!

            After a quick tour of the demo, I ordered the HyperTyle CD. Also have Katrin Eismann's book due to be delivered today and her video ("Creative Compositing", which I read about somewhere in this group)coming next week. The cash outlay made me swoon, but in the long run these tools will certainly boost my productivity — always a major factor for the self-employed.


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              First, I want to thank Danny for his comprehensive review. I don't know how many times I passed by that HyperTyle link on the Plugin site without clicking on it, thinking it was simply a tile maker. But Danny's review sure caught my attention, so I'm doing a test drive now. And HyperTyle sure packs a lot of power. I'm sure most people are looking at what it can do with textures (which is a lot), but even with textures turned off it is a strong special effect engine, using only the Adjust menu and Surface menu. Combine this with the texture features (which can also be used as frames), and there is quite a lot of power in an unassuming interface.


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