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buZZ Pro Preview Problem

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  • buZZ Pro Preview Problem

    I'm testing buZZ Pro demo. The preview seems to be very inaccurate when zoomed out, at least on my system. To replicate my steps, load any photograph that has a normal range of colors. Launch the buZZ Pro filter. Load the preset called "soft color wash." Zoom all the way in, then all the way out. On my computer, the colors are intense when I zoom out, and very light when I zoom in. If I go ahead and buZZ the picture, the colors seem closer to the zoomed out version.

    Is anyone else seeing this problem?

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    After rereading your description it's not clear to me at which end of the zoom spectrum you perceive problems:

    "The preview seems to be very inaccurate when zoomed out...'

    "...the colors seem closer to the zoomed out version."

    Nonetheless I didn't see the discrepancies you described in the images I previewed with BuzzPRO and the stack preset you specified. That's not to say you're not seeing what you're seeing; it's saying I'm not seeing what you're seeing. Maybe it's a function of image characteristics.

    Have you contacted the vendor? Even though they're in the UK, I found them to be responsive to questions. Perhaps this is a known issue.



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      Thanks for checking. I think I will follow your advice and contact them.


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