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    It is rather apparent. . . .your keyboard is possessed.


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      Sandra, Iknow how frustrating these things can br. I just put a new H.P. into service 2 weeks ago running XP and a P4. I did a couple of restorations and everything seemed ok. Then, while using PS Elements, I clicked the color picker on a spot and the weave of the paper on the photo I was restoring got into everything in PS. I tried all the suggestions mentiond here that also apply to PS, and got help from Adobe. nothing worked!
      I finally tried to get online support from HP, and that is when everything crashed. I was unable to do a re-boot from the recovery section of the hard drive.

      I got HP on the phone: I had to unhook all periphals and keep pressing F-10 until the comp finally did a re-boot. Fortunatly,I didn't have a lot of data stored; just a lot of programs loaded, because this was a totally destructive process.

      After the re-boot and re-installation of programs, everything is working perfectly. I do know that a lot of stuff that HP adds on the drive, ie: tryouts and free stuff was also destroyed with the reboot, and I suspect that the problem was somewhere in these add-ons.

      I'm gald things are finally working for you and hope they keep doing so...Just thought I would let you know my experiences with XP, PS and ETC...Gregory


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        I regularly hover my keyboard - so stop bits of dust etc. getting lodged in my keyboard. I don't advise doing this with a dyson - it will probably take the keys off!

        Glad your up and running again



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          You all reminded me of a problem I was having with programs acting weird. It turned out that my "Shift" key was stuck down just enough to cause problems, but not be noticeable.


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