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    I'm slowly but surely making progress with PS7, _except_ for ImageReady. It must be my senior brain but I'm finding it a struggle to understand and use IR effectively. I did read the manual but really need much simpler, step by step, tutorials. Does anyone know of an ImageReady CD with Quicktime movies or something basic to get me started? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

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    Here are some links to online tutorials

    VTC - demos There are FREE ones to look at as demos for the expensive CDs they sell.

    Interactive Rollovers (MAC tut -- but still readable for PCs

    Animated Rollovers

    Tips and Tuts -
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      Thanks, C.J. That's exactly what I had in mind. Just going through two of the tutorials showed me my biggest fault is impatience -- haring off to attempt something very complex before even familiarizing myself with the tools.

      Many thanks for the link.


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