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best settings for CS5?

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  • best settings for CS5?

    I am wondering what PS settings are best to use under Optimize Performance and cache levels for working on large (2 to 4 G) documents that have many layers under performance in the photoshop CS5 preferences? I am on a macpro with three internal hard drives, 16 GB of memory and 3.2 GHz processor speed incase that matters. It seems that none of the categories, tall and thin, default and big and flat are for large documents with many layers. Similarly, photoshop does not seem to have a category under Cache Levels for working on large documents with many layers. How many cache levels are best for working on large documents with many layers?


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    Re: best settings for CS5?

    This isn't really an answer to your question, more of a comment... I seem to recall a tutorial video, either by Russell Brown or Deke McClelland (not completely sure about that) about the default file handling settings for Photoshop. The long and the short of it was, that the settings chosen by Adobe actually make CS5 perform WORSE!

    There was also a comment that CS5 "warms up" and gets faster as your session ensues... And somebody had made up a set of actions to suitably warm CS5 up!

    You also need to check the oil, spark plugs & tyres before proceeding

    Aha! - I just found the "warm up" scripts:-

    which is part of a whole bunch of information about optimizing CS5:-

    Hope that helps!


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