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Knockout 2 for under $100.00??

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  • Knockout 2 for under $100.00??

    Hey all,

    Well, most of you who "pay attention" know that the software program from Procreate "knockout 2" is just simply wonderful, but a little too pricey to purchase for most. Dougs review, no doubt certainly made a lot of mouth's water.

    It's ok, I have some good news. It seems (that some of you) if you go to "Intuos privileges" you can purchase it for a mere $99.99 (US), providing you are a registered owner of an Intuos or Intuos2 tablet. This is a savings of about $230.00 off the list price (gulp).

    Anyway, I wasn't sure if this was mentioned, so I thought I'd bring it up.

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    good catch Lqqker! the same offer is also available for Graphire and graphire II owners:

    - David


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      Yep . . . so I see

      Seems like a hard one to pass up.


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        Wow, looks like a good reason to buy that tablet I want. Thanks lqqker.


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          Thanks LQQKER Just went to the sight and ordered.Should work great with my tablet.


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            What makes knockout so good?

            How does it differ from the PS7 extract?


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              I put my own opinions on Knockout 2 over in the Reviews section.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Originally posted by Doug Nelson
                I put my own opinions on Knockout 2 over in the Reviews section.
                After looking at your review I'm not convinced. Do you have PS7? The extract tool was improved in PS7.


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                  Hey LQQKER, thanks again for posting the information on that offer. I have ordered my Graphire2 and as soon as it gets here I will buy Knockout2. Fantastic deal!


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