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Traveling Ps 6 Cd's

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  • Traveling Ps 6 Cd's

    The person in Australia that I sent the CD's onto sent them back to me, does anybody else want them or who ? ? ?
    should they go back to ? ? ?

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    Platscha, Can you remind us which CD's these are?
    Thanks, Jeanie


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      training cd's

      They are 4 training cd's, photoshop 6, windows version, 24 hours of interactive self-teaching by Keyko.
      I remember that they were sent to me by Ed, he got them from somebody else, I sent them to someone in Australia who sent them back to me.
      I just want to return them to whom ever they belong. If anybody remembers the thread ???


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        here's a link to that thread you're talking about

        - David


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          thank you

          I sent her a message that I would return to her or if somebody else wants them just let me know.


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