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  • corruption problem

    First off, I don't know if this is a hardware or software or whatever else problem. I know this has been talked about before, but I have not actually read about a solution.

    I am talking about lines, spots, colors of pixels showing up in a photo you're are either viewing in Bridge, or working on in Camera raw, Photoshop, etc. Either in a small couple pixel area(like what I posted) or 80% of the photo's resolution.

    This picture I posted is my latest issue. The 4 dark lines. It only effects 1 layer. So, if I turn the layer off, the lines go away. This is zoomed in 300% and only covers 20-30pixels....this time.

    I have had this problem quite frequently lately and it is slowing me down in my work.

    I have had this issue from multiple cards that I have shot on. This particular shot isn't even my shot, so it is a completely different camera as well and files were sent to me through email.
    I have reloaded CS5 twice.
    I have this issue in multiple programs(all Adobe suite though).
    My computer is a 2010 imac

    I have no idea what to do to fix this problem and don't know what to blame.

    What next?
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    Re: corruption problem

    Try disabling OpenGL in your preferences and see if that does anything.
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      Re: corruption problem

      will definitely try that.


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        Re: corruption problem

        Tried. I have been editing pretty much all day since I posted and so far I have not seen the issue again.
        But, it does take away some useful features like when you use a brush to draw a straight slanted line. click on one end, shift, click the other end = straight line. Doesnt work without Enabled OpenGL.

        So, I changed OpenGL to Basic instead of the normal setting. We will see what happens.


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          Re: corruption problem

          Try downloading the latest driver for your video card, it can sometimes make a difference.



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            Re: corruption problem

            If the problem is now gone with disabling OpenGL you are at least getting somewhere. Out of interest I tried disabling OpenGL on my Windows based system but unlike your experience I did not loose the abiltiy to draw angled straight lines using shift click! Maybe that hints at something else?

            New video driver install or repair seems like a good start

            Have you tried adjusting the amount of memory usage in Preferences/ Memory usage, maybe decreasing a little (or even increasing!) to see if that makes a difference?

            Have you run any memory test programs just to eliminate possible issues both graphics and normal memory?

            Have to say that having multiple issues could indicate hardware issues either set up or drivers.


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              Re: corruption problem

              With disabled OpenGL, I still have the problem. I just noticed actually.

              I'll try the other suggestions


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                Re: corruption problem

                I just decreased my photoshop memory usage form 95% to 90%, closed reopened Bridge and looked at the same file. It did not show the problem as a thumbnail. I opened it in CR and before rendering(yellow exclamation point) it did show the problem, but went away after the rendering.

                So..... We'll see how long that lasts.

                good suggestion though.

                I don't know what the proper amount of memory usage its supposed to be, so I just cranked it.


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                  Re: corruption problem

                  I would reiterate Tony's suggestion about running a memory hardware test on your iMac. There are other options online yet here is the official info from Apple and where to find their test software:



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                    Re: corruption problem

                    I have OWC memory right now. I recently took my computer into Mac for a shutting down problem. They told me that everything tested to be good. I then had the OWC memory replaced from OWC. No shut down problem since.

                    that being said, I'm pretty sure everything is ok now.


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                      Re: corruption problem

                      Why not just run the test and be sure? As I recall you can put it in a loop and run it overnight to really stress it. A small amount of bad memory does not mean that your system is going to crash. Very dependent on where it is located and how your system uses memory. Could eliminate at least one possible cause for your problem.


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                        Re: corruption problem

                        yea, I guess I could.


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                          Re: corruption problem

                          Originally posted by kyleb View Post
                          I just decreased my photoshop memory usage form 95% to 90%, closed reopened Bridge and looked at the same file. .....I don't know what the proper amount of memory usage its supposed to be, so I just cranked it.
                          You do not say what amount of RAM and if you are running 32 or 64 bit but according to Adobe these are the figures

                          How much RAM can Photoshop access:
                          CS5, 32 bit Mac OS 2.1 GB
                          CS5, 64 bit Mac OS As much RAM as you can fit in your computer

                          Photoshop CS4 and CS5 require at least 2 GB of free hard-disk space (Mac OS). Additional free space is required for installation, and more hard disk space is recommended for virtual memory and scratch disk space.

                          By default, Photoshop uses 70% of available RAM! I do not know if this could have any bearing on the problem you are having but it may be worthwhile in returning to this level to see if the problem persists


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                            Re: corruption problem

                            I am using 64 bit and have 16gb ram on an imac.


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