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Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

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  • Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

    I am looking for something to make searches on my own PC easier. Can anyone recommend software that will preview quickly graphic file images (PSD and TIFF) without opening them, giving a large-size look similar to the Preview slide show feature that Windows offers when one highlights a list of JPG files? (Windows Thumbnails are too small for my purposes, and often will not show the contents of large size graphic files.) I am working in the dark ages of PhotoShop6. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

    I generally use Adobe Bridge (or sometimes Lightroom) to preview files before I open in Photoshop or other Adobe software, but that may be out of the question unless you are willing to upgrade to the Creative Suite. I have also found that Bridge can run slow on older computers without a lot of memory. Lightroom is great software to have for processing photos quickly. You can preview image files and do some file organization within it.

    I used to use Cantos Cumulus back in the day before they came out with Bridge. You might try Extensis Portfolio. I use Extensis Suitcase for font management and have found it to be pretty reliable software. I think either Portfolio or Cumulus will allow you to preview all kinds of image/movie/graphic/audio files and catalog their metadata so those options might work well for you. I've always been a Mac user so maybe others will have some good PC suggestions.


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      Re: Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

      You can probably download trial versions of Cumulus or Portfolio and see how you like it.


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        Re: Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

        I use Irfanview (free) using file>thumbnails.. also download the plugins/addons

        IrfanView can also load Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters.

        Irfanview seems to open almost every format there is


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          Re: Need a "Previewer" for PSD and TIFF files

          Hi Lucile,

          I've tried various viewers and the fastest two I've found are FastStone Image Viewer (FSV) and FastPictureViewer (FPV) Both are free. I also have Irfanview

          Whilst FPV is a bit faster it is quite basic and the interface a little clunky - folder navigation for example is poor.

          FSV has a good interface, has a navigation tree, favorite folders, history and you can arrange to open images with various programs using shortcut keys e.g. I have the default as PS CS5 32bit (just hit 'E') and PS 64 bit with Alt2, LR Alt 3 etc.
          FSV also has a very nice contact sheet builder, you can tag/untag for culling etc. plus lots more.

          BTW FSV has color management, however I find it slows things down a bit.

          As you can tell I'm a big fan, and subsequently made a donation.


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