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  • crop tool presets

    How do I set my crop tool (if that's possible?) to automatically crop any size image to 300dpi? Regardless of the dimension of the image that is. Thanks!

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    Re: crop tool presets

    In CS3 you would select the crop tool, put 300 in the dpi in options, click the arrow next to the crop symbol in the option bar, click the little flyout arrow, and select new tool preset. But I think it would be easier just to put 300 dpi in the option space. It will stay active till you close photoshop


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      Re: crop tool presets

      In CS5 the crop tool has that option available.
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        Re: crop tool presets

        Thanks chaps. I've just upgraded from CS3 to 5 and there are number of features/tools etc that have moved or gone and I'm never sure which! Yeh, I know I should RTFM but at midnight I run out of steam!


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          Thank You, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
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