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  • Javascript program

    HI! i would like to ask if you know of any software or html editor that comes with javascript completion. for example suppose someone types window then there will appear some dialog that has location, status, alert etc on display, which are all methods of javascript. if you know of any program that does this whether freeware or shareware pls. kindly share it here thank you.

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    is this the kind of thing you're looking for? I just found it by searching on the Google Groups freeware newsgroup. (that's a great place to start looking if you're trying to find free software)
    hope that helps you out.

    - David


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      ill go check it out but why is it that i am not subscribed in the google groups?? what is it btw? does it demand money? what is its benefits? why didnt i heard it b4 in google?


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        Google Groups is just a way of viewing all the Usenet groups without having to have a newsreader and a news server provider. (and yes, it is free, but you do have to register your email with them to post on there) It's great, they have a massive archive of posts to search through, so you can find info on almost anything imaginable on there (and posts all the way back to the 80's when usenet started). when you search on google search engine, there's a tab at the top that you can click on to search the groups section.

        - David


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          Thanks, Dave, for this link to Google Groups. I hadn't heard of it so will check it out.


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