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Noise Shampoo THREE (second update)

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  • Noise Shampoo THREE (second update)

    I don't know how much it would take for the information to spread,
    so I'm announcing here the version 3 of my plugin noise shampoo.
    I believe it's significantly more powerful than version 1, but you are welcome to tell what you truly think.

    For those that are not familiar with it:
    Noise shampoo is a free photoshop plugin , that allows with a single slider
    to do a quick job of denoising, especially with pictures with low level of noise.

    Now on version 3 you have better control, thanks to a separate control for chroma. Additionally, the quality of results are significantly improved thanks to some "Quality tweaks" of the algorithm.

    Version 2 of noise shampoo was short lived, I wasn't satisfied with a particular feature. And there's an implicit 4th algorithm, as an incentive to update to version 3.

    Link to download & documentation:

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