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Need help with PS auto color..

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  • Need help with PS auto color..

    Is there a way to find out what changes the auto color made in the color so that I can go in the Color Balance (ctrl-b) and make the changes manually in the 3 color levels? Thanks for your help!

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    I believe (but I can't say for sure), that it's the same as individually adjusting the R G and B channels in levels by moving the sliders inward until you reach the starting points of each ends of the histergrams. Hope that helps.


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      DJ is right in that after running any auto level/curve method (in any version) that you can then leave the 'distracting' master composite curve and look at the individual colour channel curves to really see what is going on.

      The auto commands use the options/clip values to make channel by channel and image by image decisions on edits.

      You can also hit the save button and save out the particular auto setting that you like if you want to apply it to different images but with the one fixed setting (just load the level/curve file instead of hitting auto - since the auto result will differ).

      More on the deep subject of curves, levels and colour correction can be found here (scroll down a bit):


      Stephen Marsh.


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        Thanks Stephen. I was hoping you'd stop by. I think I was getting in over my head here but I knew there were a few like you who knew alot more about it. I was just hoping one of yous would jump in and give me a hand here.


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          PS color

          A big thank you to all whom responded. What I was doing was running auto color on one image that is representative of a batch of images. Then I wanted to take the changes and turn it into an action and batch the rest of the images and now I can thanks to you!


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            Hi DJ and Jon, glad to be of help.

            To expand on my opening post - I would not attempt to simulate a levels or curves edit via colour balance moves (although they are all doing the same approx. thing but in different ways).

            On the subject of auto colour and batching multiple images with a fixed auto setting (contradiction in terms? <g>), there would be two general options:

            i) Simply run the auto setting/options on the image that gives the result you are after and hit save on the level/curve. When recording the action levels/curves would be called up then the load command used, then you would point to the .acl or .acv file in question.

            The problem here is that you need the file to load and the action records the exact file directory path to the file, so it may not work as easily on another system and will not work on another platform.

            ii) If the above is an issue, then I would run auto and note the levels or curves moves down on paper for each channel (input/output values). When recording the action I would then manually perform the same edits as the auto command so that the action would not be tied to a levels/curves settings file and it would then be easier to use with other computers.

            All depends on what you are doing of course.

            Have fun,

            Stephen Marsh.


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              Stephen, your second method is what I had planned all along as long as I could isolate the changes that had taken place. So, it looks as though it's going to work now.


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                Hi again Jon,

                I'm sure you will see how things go when kick the recording around, but I'm not sure if it will use the preset option that you had set when originally finding the auto method you like (auto contrast/levels/color and clipping values and snap to midtone etc).

                Special action tip:

                Actions are not smart. They record changes that you actually set. If a dialog box has many options and you only change one while recording, perhaps that is all that is recorded (depending on the edit). Then if you change one of these settings at a later time and then run the action, results may differ due to the setting not being recorded in the action and being presumed.

                When this is the case, I first setup a dialog box with incorrect values in the various fields which are critical to me and then OK and close the box (then step back in history or revert etc). Now the dialog is primed for recording. Now record and bring up the dialog box and then change all the incorrect values to the ones you the recording will be 'smart' and pick up all those values which it does not record when you have them preset correctly before recording.

                Am I making sense?

                I find writing about actions hard - it is much easier to demonstrate via video or in person than write out these complex points - which are often little ways to work around or with the less intuitive ways of building actions.

                Anyway - my original point is that with the new RGB auto colour options of Photoshop 7 there is a lot to consider when 'transplanting' an auto result into an action...or am I needlessly making things harder? <g>

                Good luck,

                Stephen Marsh.


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