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PS7 Brush size bug

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  • PS7 Brush size bug

    Periodically, PS7 loses the setting which shows the current brush, graphically as you size it. I have the cursors options set to brush size. It works 90% of the time but every once in a while it just shows the crosshair no matter what size I make the brush. I have to quit and reload photoshop to get the "brush-size" setting back.



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    Next time that happens, check your Caps Lock key. It toggles the brush size cursor on and off.


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      Originally posted by VisualEyes
      Next time that happens, check your Caps Lock key. It toggles the brush size cursor on and off.
      Wow! I'll take a look at that. You're probably right.

      On a related subject, is there any logic to the plethora of combination keys that work on a given command? I hate having to refer to a cheat-sheet...


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