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Disappointed in Corel Painter 7

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  • Disappointed in Corel Painter 7

    I'm sure some of this is the normal learning curve but so far I'm not enamored with it. I should start out saying that I'm not a painter or artist in the hard arts. I'm a photographer who is pretty good with photoshop...

    A couple things I'm disappointed in with Painter are:

    1) Cloners are dog-slow when you get the brush size up. I'm running a 2gz machine on XP with 512MB or memory...
    2) Program seems to be a bit buggy. After about 15 minutes, the little icons above the scroll buttons disappeared and became white though they were still active when I clicked on their invisible space.

    I'll let you know more later. Hopefully, this is just my (typical) resistance to change and I'll be posting success stories in a few weeks but it doesn't look good currently...

    (Of course, I was disappointed in the PS7 upgrade when I first received it too...)


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    Grrrrrrrrrrr - Now we're getting past disappointed and into a new ([email protected]#[email protected]#$) category. I just spent 30 minutes editing a cloned PSD file. When I went to save it, painter exited/crashed. The file was not saved properly and I lost all my work. All of the layers are empty.

    When I went to load the file, I got a message saying that Painter no longer supports paths and it asked me if I wanted to convert. I tried loading it twice - Once saying to convert and the next time saying not to convert with the same results...


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      There's quite a lot of comment on Painter 7 in the digital/computer sections of Wet Canvas.


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        Support is awful...

        First of all, it's a toll call to contact support which is only free for 30 days, then their phone menu system totally sucks. It wouldnt' take any input from my phone and finally I got transferred to wordperfect support who said they couldn't help me.

        Of course, I'm paying for the calls too...



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          I already have 7.1

          The other ridiculous thing is that you can't find the 7.1 update on their site. Corel's site lists nothing greater than 6.1 and procreate's site only lists the mac version though I found a link on another site to get the pc version. When I ran it, it told me I already had 7.1. Too bad the about box couldn't tell me that...


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            Why don't you add your review to the REVIEW forum. Might be helpful to those thinking about purchasing the product as it's nice to know the pros and cons.

            Click here to be taken to the Review Forum.



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