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what is slice technology?

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  • what is slice technology?

    HI! I would like to ask what is the slice technology and why cant i find it in PS? As i read in a tutorial in the web for creating a webpage inside PS, you use slice to let PS create the HTML for you which is great because you wont start from scratch. But how do I use this slice? Its just too hard to learn....
    If i use photoshop in creating an HTML document will it also be noticed that I use photoshop as the HTML editor?
    Any help will be appreciated. ty.
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    Actually, you need to use ImageReady for slicing images and producing HTML. (or any comparable program such as Fireworks...) The interface is similar to Photoshop, so it should be fairly easy to learn. Slicing is just a way to carve up a large image into smaller ones to allow for faster loading of websites. It also aids in creating Rollovers and animations. The HTML ImageReady produces just tells the browser how to reassemble the large image from the smaller slices.


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      You can actually do it in photoshop as well as ImageReady. just use the "Save for web" feature, and then the slice select tool etc. until you've got what you want, then choose Save: HTML and Images.

      - David


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        David, thanks - I'd noticed that Save for Web offered HTML as a file format, and had also noticed Slice - but hadn't taken time to read about or try it. I still haven't learned to work with ImageReady as much as I want, and now I know that I'll learn how to handle slices in PShop also.

        Garfield, if you're using a recent version of PShop, it includes ImageReady also, so you can try both methods. There are all kinds of tutorials Tutorial - ImageReady - just use Google to look up "Photoshop Imageready slice" or some other combination.