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  • Postworkshop - organizing styles

    I can't really cope with 500+ styles in PWS. I'd like to narrow it down to just the few that I use...has anyone found a way to delete styles?

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    Re: Postworkshop - organizing styles

    Good question! On the Mac if you "Show Package Contents" (right-click on the app) there's not much to be accessed. Under Help>Show Data Folder I am seeing a list of folders that is only 1.1 megs, including a third-party style I added as a test (which shows up in the app under My Styles).

    Maybe you can just add your most-used styles to "Favorites"?

    I'll write the developer and see what they say.

    You've actually inspired me to load all the extra styles I've collected because I actually want more! ;-)


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      Re: Postworkshop - organizing styles


      In the Advanced Layout mode, in the Styles area, you can select any style and click on the star (lower right of screen) to add it to Favorites. You can also delete entire categories or individual Styles using the Trash icon, depending on what is selected (a confirmation dialog will pop up). There you go!

      New Styles can be dragged and dropped (better than loading them one at a time via the menu) into the User>My Styles section.


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        Re: Postworkshop - organizing styles

        I'm working on a PostworkShop tutorial PDF which I will announce and provide shortly, but here is a teaser image using two stock PSW presets. I took the pic about 20 years ago in NJ...
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