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Help on editing huge files in Lightroom?

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  • Help on editing huge files in Lightroom?

    Hello everyone,

    I wasn't sure where to turn for help, but hoping someone here could give me some ideas.

    Basically I have 2,000+ photos scanned at 1200dpi from a client that wants me to keep it at this resolution. These were just going to be some quick edits in lightroom, but the problem is, even in Lightroom alone, it slows down my computer when I'm trying to work on them.

    I wouldn't mind so much, but then I was thinking, this time waiting for it load and process across 2,000+ photos could add up.

    So I was wondering, is there any way to speed up lightroom for this, or maybe somehow tell it to work on a smaller version and then apply it to the bigger version when I'm done?

    I'm using lightroom 4 but if there is something in Lightroom 5 beta, I'll use that.


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    Re: Help on editing huge files in Lightroom?

    have you maxed out the memory on your computer? It's usually fairly cheap and simple to upgrade.

    You could make smaller copies in another folder. Then make you corrections with the smaller files and then once you're done move all the xmp sidecar files back to the original images (the file names would have to be kept exactly the same in order for the corrections to match back up with the bigger images).


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      Re: Help on editing huge files in Lightroom?

      Thank you much! I'll give that try.


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        Re: Help on editing huge files in Lightroom?

        More RAM sounds like a start. LR doesn't 'open' each of these large images and you're just building metadata instructions. You WILL have to render all the images with these settings when you are done. So just adding the edits is just part of the work. I'd build 1:1 previews of all the images to speed up loading previews in Develop. That might help.