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Flame Painter 2 is about to be released.

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  • Flame Painter 2 is about to be released.

    Some very cool features indeed. Got the email today and look forward to the upgrade (not free, but discounted for those that already have 1.x). The layers feature and editable vector layers features are what caught my eye, but I do like the floating dock feature too (GIMPer, remember? lol).

    Details below.

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    I got mine.

    Just wanted you folk know, I got mine. Used the discount code; $29 is reasonable now that I have a job. lol

    Got to learn a few more things though; cool that to install a new brush is a simple drag and drop situation. Think I'm going to like the layer feature but, for now, there's only a few layer properties and hope future updates will add more. Like the anti-alias advancement with this new version; very clean results now. What else; well, the beta hinted at seamless layer feature but they did take that out of the initial release, but, I was assured by those at Escape Motions that it will be implemented in a future update. I'm still keeping the old version around for now (both can exist together and be run simultaneously). This is just my preliminary assessment. Kudos to the developers for this new update overall. Lots of additional bells and whistles; since I have Pro, I can now create a vector path and try different brushes and see them follow that same path.

    Now for someone to develop a GIMP plugin to open Flame Painter format. lol


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      Re: Flame Painter 2 is about to be released.

      I received the new Flame Painter too, however I am not able to import jpg images and have not been able to save files at 7200 x 3600 to any format. In saving, I have had to wait more than 25 minutes before it says it cannot save. Using XP with all upgrades I hope they can fix the essentials, like saving what you done. A good couple hours in creating something and I couldn't save is painful. Flame Painter seems to consume all resources to process anything. Like the idea of the program, but I think they were too eager to get it out there, unless I am doing something wrong.


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        Re: Flame Painter 2 is about to be released.

        Yeah; had pretty much no issues but other folk at other forums that I frequent had issues with theirs and they used XP too. It may have to do with 32-bit OSs; I use Win7 64-bit and have not experienced any of the issues that you and the other guy that I'm referring too has. He did post at the Flame Painter forum his issues. Still, overall, I am happy and yes, there are going to be additional features and I'm sure patches available as soon as the developers gets enough time and feedback to do so. I already know there's going to be a seamless texture option added as they did for the former version of FP. I'm definitely looking forward to this addition.


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          Re: Flame Painter 2 is about to be released.

          2.0.5 update released today. Supposedly launches faster and indeed it did. Just a heads up.


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