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Processing in ACR from EIP file

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  • Processing in ACR from EIP file

    I am expecting some work in EIP format tomorrow. I don't use Capture One, I use ACR. Is it fairly simple to take the raw component from the EIP package into ACR and Photoshop? How do you do it?

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    Re: Processing in ACR from EIP file

    Not sure if this any help but my limited understanding is that EIP is an open ZIP format. In theory you could rename the file image1.eip to to reveal the file which may be a tif or IIQ raw file. This should open in ACR either tif or IIQ.

    However I suspect the problem is likely to be one of ACR being able to correctly interpret edits done in Capture One therefore you will have an image that is wrong i.e. not what the author intended - perhaps you should ask for a rendered jpeg or tiff as reference?


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      Re: Processing in ACR from EIP file

      Many thanks, TW. I'll try that and tell you how I got on.


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