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Luce light-casting upgrade available

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  • Luce light-casting upgrade available

    Awhile back I posted about a free light-casting plugin called Luce. Now there is an upgrade. It has more control now and some new features. The manual page should give you a rough idea:

    Here is the main page:

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    Thanks for filter info. You can do some really inovative and unusual things with this filter.

    Good Spy !


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      >You can do some really innovative and unusual things with this filter.<

      I like it a lot. It doesn't have as much control as other lighting plugins, but it can get some light effects I have not seen others do.

      Also, I just discovered that this can be used to create radiating/trailing motion blurs. If you haven't discovered this yet, you uncheck the Add Source box, make sure Light Source is set to Point, and then click at the front of the object you want add motion blur to. Then click around in that area until you get the an effect you like. This works well with lighter pictures, and with darker ones you would probably be able to add some of the original back with layer blending.

      And you can also create straight trailing motion blurs by making the light source Directional, and clicking behind the moving object instead of in front.


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        Thanks ANdrew, it's a good plugin.
        I could and should have used this plugin a few weeks ago but didn't think to look for it.


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