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  • Elements 2.0 or Picture it!

    I am just wondering if there is a way to look up old posts that are just on the subject of Elements 2.0 or Picture It!? I am brand new to this site. I would love to read and learn about these softwares that I have.

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    Searching for elements, using the search function in the menu, yields THIS.

    I selected searching the title only. Probably narrows it down a bit that way.


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      Welcome to RP. I don't think you'll find a lot of information on either program on this site, so I just did a search on Google for "Elements+tutorials". It came up with a bunch of links. You will probably get some if you search for "Picture+it+tutorials" too. Good luck.



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        Hi Roxee

        Let me add my welcome, too. Washington as in State of or D.C. area?

        RE: Elements vs. Picture It

        As a matter of fact I was looking into Picture It myself just recently. If I'm not mistaken there was a $30 rebate that expired 12/31. Doesn't it figure?

        If you haven't seen these reviews at, they should help give you an idea of pros/cons for each program:


        Picture It!

        A good site to check for user reviews (and do price comparison shopping) is if you haven't checked there yet.

        After you do your research if you find yourself undecided about which way to go, (for what it's worth) I'd give the nod to Elements. Elements will have a huge advantage over Picture It! when it comes to supplemental books, internet tutorials and other learning resources.

        Since both programs have HUGE amounts of functionality, be prepared that regardless of which one you choose there will a fair amount of learning that goes with it.

        Hope this helps. Good luck.


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          Elements & Picture it!

          I am in Washington State. (Lynden, Wa.)
          I have already purchased both Elements 2.0 and Picture it!
          I have been learning about Elements for a few months now.
          but just recently ordered Picture it. I had an older version of Picture it and really liked it. I thought it was very easy to learn.
          I am just a hobbiest, and just use the software for fun. Dog show ad's and children etc...


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            Ah... Misread your intial post. Thought you were shopping, not attempting to learn both.

            Ran across some good Elements tutorials earlier today at this site:

            This collection at looks pretty comprehensive for Picture It!

            - - - -
            Cheers from North Bend, WA -- just East of Seattle off I-90!



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              Hi Roxee,

              the main features of Elements are much like the full version Photoshop, so lots of the Tutorials on this site will work in your program, and you can learn a lot from them.

              Danny - I saw MS "Picture It" when I was in a computer store today, and the rebate on the box says dec. 31st 2003 (for both canada and the US) so you may still be in luck if it's the same rebate there as it is here.

              - David


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