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Can you upgrade a Lightroom Upgrade edition?

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  • Can you upgrade a Lightroom Upgrade edition?

    I originally bought Lightroom 3 Student Edition when I was a student. Then I purchased the Lightroom 4 Upgrade version. Will it work if I get yet another upgrade version for Lightroom 5?

    Basically going like this: LR 3 Student and Teacher Edition -> LR 4 Upgrade Edition -> LR 5 Upgrade Edition

    Can I remove all traces of Lightroom 4 before installing Lightroom 5 keeping only my settings and preferences? How can I do this?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Can you upgrade a Lightroom Upgrade edition?

    Well, Anyone?


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      Re: Can you upgrade a Lightroom Upgrade edition?

      According to Adobe you must own the previous version of LR

      You do own the previous version as you paid for an upgrade to make it current in the past, therefore you should qualify.

      TBH you should be asking Adobe directly if you are at all concerned!


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