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Camera RAW & multi-core support

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  • Camera RAW & multi-core support


    I remember using Photoshop CS5 on a dual core Macbook, and when I converted multiple raw files, camera raw did 2 images at a time.

    Now I'm using CS6 on a quad core – and camera raw is only doing one image at a time instead of 4...
    Is there a setting in the preferences to change this?

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    is there a way to downgrade camera raw?

    i update cc camera raw to 9.1 , when i move the sliders (for example exposure) i got an excessive consumption , my cpu rires to 80% or 100%
    just move the exposure sliders faster and check your cpu , i use process hacker...
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    Camera Raw - how to open in CS3
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    Is there a way to open camera raw in CS3 ? Or only when i open a photo while i am in Adobe Bridge ?

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    According to Deke McClelland (Photoshop CS2 Mastering Camera Raw, "Shooting Considerations" if you subscribe to, on-camera histograms can't be trusted when you're shooting raw, because they "measure the results of JPEG-type presets [that would be] applied to the raw image,...
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