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  • Photoshop: Photoshop and Illustrator

    I'm trying to have an image created by one of my students printed onto t shirts, and I'm having trouble getting it in the format the shop needs. I have the image in photoshop, and they are using illustrator. The problem is that when they open the file, he says it's just a flat image and he isn't able to edit it at all. When he trys tracing the image it comes out all muddled except for the out line (the image is a large number 14 with music on the inside of the numbers). But I am TERRIBLE with computers and not very experienced with photoshop to know how to get this the way it needs to be to work on illustrator. I've tried sending it as a pdf, and an eps file, but neither worked. I'm not sure if it's locking the layers or what's going on, but he isn't able to edit it at all. He said it may be because my student originally made the image in paint brush, but I'm not sure if that would affect it if I have the file now as a photoshop file in separate layers. I am a complete novice to all of this, please help!

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