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HOw to recolor this text

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  • maxelcat
    Re: HOw to recolur this text

    thanks - worked!

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  • Tony W
    Re: HOw to recolur this text

    The image as posted is quite pixelated including areas around the lettering and I assume that you need to keep the background colour as it is, not changed to black?

    With the above in mind one way you could try is:

    Make a copy of the red channel
    Adjust channel with Levels so background is black and letters are lightened to white. If needed to accent the thin lines paint over with a white brush set to Overlay
    Load the red copy channel as a selection then paint inside the selection with white.
    You may also need to experiment with refine edge on the mask to reduce jpeg artifacting.

    Click on attachment and wait a few seconds for image to change

    You could probably also do similar by using a Channel Mixer adjustment layer set to Lighten mode and adjust the RGB sliders and constant to achieve similar
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  • maxelcat
    started a topic Photoshop: HOw to recolor this text

    HOw to recolor this text

    I need to recolour the gold text so its white.

    If I select it its not really very good.

    I thought about using the colour replacer tool but it goes gray.

    How can I make it go white?

    Or, should I be looking for a different method?

    Many thanks

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