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  • Photoshop: Targeted layer visibility toggle script

    First post here so sorry if this isn't in the right section. I wrote a few scripts for Photoshop that make my workflow a little easier. The script will take the currently selected layer/group and make it hidden. It also marks it with a "[T]" for toggle. Like this:

    Layer1 [T]
    If I now select Layer3 I can run this script and Layer1 will now be shown. If I run the script again Layer1 hides... and so on as many times as I run the script. Layers can be named whatever you want, this is just my example.

    There's also a "LayerToggleClear" script file that when you run it, remove the [T] so you can target another layer for toggling.

    Why this is useful
    I use this for skin retouching where I'll have a layer towards the top that brings up the contrast on the reds. On my 50% gray layer where I dodge/burn I can keep working with and without the contrast just by running the script. You can toggle visibility on layers that aren't currently selected so you can keep on painting or whatever.

    That's clunky
    Yeah if you use it by doing the file>scripts>run script way. If you instead map the script to an action with a keystroke, it's very fast. Right now for me F8 runs the main toggle script and SHIFT+F8 runs the clearing script.

    It loops through all your layers that aren't in a group first, then moves on to the groups and goes top to bottom. The loop stops if a toggle is found. Layer5 will be found less quickly than Layer0 in the case below. This may be slower the more groups within groups that you have.

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