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Camera raw 6 -setting resolution

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  • Camera raw 6 -setting resolution

    in the workflow options you only get to choose a resolution -so say you put 300 ppi However the next image I open might have an original resolution of 600.
    Is there no option to have it open the file in whatever the original resolution is? and not change it

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    Re: Camera raw 6 -setting resolution

    If you click on Size you will get a number of options to choose from the Native Resolution of the file will be the one with no '+' or '-' signs and is usually the default for ACR.


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      Re: Camera raw 6 -setting resolution

      ACR deals with pixels (WxH), you can divide that up any way you want (300ppi, 876ppi etc) and it's rather meaninless to ACR. It knows pixels. The + and - allow you to control the number of pixels, again without regard to the 'resolution' tag that isn't pertienent.


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