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  • This is cool....

    I'm probably the only person who didn't know this until now, but just in case I thought I'd share it.

    I usually keep both Netscape and IE running for those times when a page just doesn't load properly in one browser, I can switch to the other. Also if you're into web development, you need to test your work on several browsers.

    I've been using the old "cut & paste" method of getting the URL from one browser to the other, but I just discovered that you can drag the URL from Netscape to IE and vice versa. Also, you can drag items between Netscape's Personal Toolbar to IE's Personal Favorites.

    I use a Mac, but this probably works on windoze too.

    May not be a big deal, but hey if it says a few key strokes, they all add up, and if nothing else, you can impress your ludite friends.

    Take care, Margaret

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    Hey, Margaret! You're not the only one!!

    I never used more than one browser, period, let alone more than one at a time -- until the browser problem occurred this week here at the Gallery portion of the site. Not having any of my website favorites bookkmarked on Mozilla was an annoyance, so I was cutting and pasting quite a bit until I decided (after reading your post) to import my bookmarks.
    I am happy to hear there's another way of exchanging URLs.

    Thanks for giving me a useful tip!
    Yes - it works on PCs ( I don't use the term "Windoze")
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      Hi Margaret, I didn't know that either although I run both browsers on my PC all the time. I prefer to use Netscape but I find many sites are not built for it so I'm forced to use IE for those sites.


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