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W98SE Crash & Restore Issues

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  • W98SE Crash & Restore Issues

    Hi Folks, my PC recently had a Win glitch - the drives critical data was then backed up and a reinstall took place at the repair shop. Not my ideal solution, but they seem to think it is easier to start fresh - although I would prefer the old config unchanged and the issue resolved (but not enough to pay for this I guess <g>).

    Anyway, all is fine...or so I first thought.

    One of my first checks of native system apps was to run scandisk and defragmenter...

    Both error out with not enough memory to run the app, close other apps etc. This is the only 'hard' app running. There are of course many background tasks running. I have also tried safe mode, but same errors.

    I have just reinstalled a lot of stuff and had enough fun for one day - but I can't rest easy with these little glitches. I may need these system tools before too long.

    I can use diskeeper to defrag I guess, even though I am not a huge fan of it. On the scan disk issue, the only way of know how to get it to work is to incorrectly shutdown so that it kicks in automatically in DOS on the reboot. Obviously not the best way!

    So I would like help with two things, although I know that this is probably a tough ask on the second point:

    i) How to get into DOS, run scandisk in DOS and then get back out and into windows (yes, I a long term Mac user is suffering! <g>) - As I don't think it will work by using RUN in windows via the command line, but I'm hoping that outside of win I will have some luck.

    ii) How to resolve the out of memory issue, even in safe mode for both scan disk and defragger.

    Win98SE, 20gig hd, 256RAM, Win managing memory - 'standard' setup for a P111 fo a few years ago, if that tech info helps. I am up to date with all winupdates.

    P.S. I backed up all the outlook files I could find, can the new standard outlook express 5 that ships with win be made to see these old files? The import messages command does not like any of them (.pst and others).

    Hoping you can help,

    Stephen Marsh.

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    Reboot windows,

    Press "F8" while machine reloads/restarts.... may take several tries to get correct spot of reboot ,

    Pick option for "command prompt only"

    at prompt type "CD WINDOWS"

    then type "scandisk"

    to reboot do a hard reboot or ctrl-alt-delete two times

    Hope this helps;


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      For question number 2;

      Not sure what you are talking about but try this...

      Click "Start" button,

      Click "Run"

      Type in "msconfig"

      This will give you system config utility

      Under the "general" tab the bottom box says "load start up group items" Make sure this box is cleared (no check) then hit apply and OK then reboot.

      This gives you a clean boot; things may not be available to be used but you can manually restore them later by reversing these instructions and going to the start up tab in the sys config utility and clicking on the things you want running.


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        Just to expand on LBZ's response with the F8 key, press it repeatedly once your machine has done the BIOS checks until it gives you the menu as to which version of the OS you want to boot into. (BTW, you don't need to change to the win directory unless the path is messed up.)


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          Regarding your question about importing Outlook (.pst) files into Outlook Express. I'm not sure that MS allows you to go "backwards" in products. As you know, Outlook Express is the "free version" - and it handles data completely differently than Outlook. I know you can import OE data into Outlook, but I don't know if you can go the other way. I'll try to do a little research and see what I can find.


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            Thanks for the replies!

            Attempting to keep this short and sweet...

            * LactoBeeZor, I will try the DOS promt entry, as I know that scandisk does work in DOS, but not Win or Safe Mode Win (due to memory issues) - and I presume defragger is the same too (how do you defrag via DOS???).

            * LactoBeeZor, the second point was a question of 'scan disk and defrag worked before the OS was reinstalled. Now they do not. How do I make them both work again without all this hassle.'

            It is bogus to say close down other apps - as none are open, except background tasks (if Photoshop can run, scan disk should not have memory issues).

            It makes me worried if two basic system repair components error out on a brand new install over a reformatted drive.

            * BigAl - both control and F8 seem to work when they feel like it, it can sometimes take a second boot to get it to work. Just me? <g>

            * Jeaniesa - thanks, perhaps I was not clear. I originally used the free default outlook express that ships with win98se. This very same application was reloaded as part of the basic reinstall.

            Before all this took place, I searched the hard drive for all files relating to outlook express and backed them up in the hope of being able to put them back and tricking outlook exp. into seeing the old setup (hey, it works with internet bookmarks). I also knew there was an import messages option, which I thought may point to one of these backed up files.

            This is no big deal, but it would be nice to keep the old mail.

            Thanks again,

            Stephen Marsh.


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              When you say that you "backed up" the Outlook Express files, you mean that you copied all of the folders that Outlook Express created to a CD (or other hard drive)? Try this from the MS Knowledge Base:;EN-US;270670. If you've already done that, I'm not sure what to tell you. I know I've done a backup of OE folders before and had no trouble importing them. They should be *.mbx files if you just copied them to CD - and you should be able to import them. (PST files should not come into play.)



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                Steve, unless you've moved the OE files to another directory, they live in
                \windows\application data\identities\{some wierd number}\microsoft\outlook express


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                  Thanks Al. Being on XP now, I couldn't remember the directory for OE files.



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