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    Company wants to start tracking time spent.
    Looking for an automated program that would track multiple users checking out/in, workflow.
    Any recommendations?

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    Re: Time Tracking

    Look up Studiometry.
    I used iBiz for ~ 8+ years. But it is no longer in development and won't work on OSX Mavericks.

    So I switched to Studiometry. Its got its own quirkiness IMO, but also has a lot of features.

    --Shift Studio.


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      Re: Time Tracking

      I've never used it (or heard of it before) but John Nack recommends it.
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        Re: Time Tracking

        It works. My husband uses it religiously.


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          Re: Time Tracking


          I would recommend that you take a look at TimeSheet Reporter, which makes it possible to report time via your Outlook Calendar (for Windows).

          You can read about it at

          NB. I'm affiliated.

          Best regards,
          TimeSheet Reporter
          English website: TimeSheet Reporter - Time Tracking in Outlook
          Danish website: TimeSheet Reporter - Tidsregistrering i Outlook
          German website: TimeSheet Reporter - Zeiterfassung in Outlook


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            Re: Time Tracking

            Originally posted by skibum View Post
            Company wants to start tracking time spent.
            Looking for an automated program that would track multiple users checking out/in, workflow.
            Any recommendations?

            Is there specific reason to prefer an automated program ?

            Why don't you try some cloud-based time tracking application? If you want to save a lot of time at work especially in tracking your employees time and project, then I'd like to recommend a great one which integrated an interesting concept like quickbooks.

            Compared to the other time tracking software, I personally feel Replicon to be the best. I have been using this software for a longtime and I no longer worry about maintaining invoice or any other task, as this software serves a single final report with all the information required.

            Here's the link for your reference -



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              Re: Time Tracking

              You can try hivedesk. I just don't know if it's free to try still.

              steve barbarich
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                Re: Time Tracking

                I've been using hubstaff while working for a client online. I mostly work at home and having hubstaff on my computer allows me to report activity levels and time rendered on a specific project. It’s easy to setup and light on system resources so it doesn’t interfere with your other running apps while you are working. It can also take screenshots on a regular basis, has an invoicing feature, a project management tool wherein project managers can view to track their team of employees and best of all, it's free.

                Find more about the app at


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