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  • Photoshop: photoshop cs6 match color help


    may i ask you a question about match color feautre?

    i loaded 2 images 20mp
    and i used the match color command

    well with gpu enabled and a monitor resolution at least 1920x1080 , i found a sluggish refresh moving the sliders

    i run under w7 64bit last intel cpu and tested tough nvidia video cards

    updated drivers, tried even the beta

    the odd thing is that it's happen using full screen mode with menu bar and zoom ratio different from fit to screen or full size
    it's not slow , but it's not instantaneous like others tools like curve or levels

    the cpu during moving the sliders is @ 20% and the gpu is around 10%

    can somebody test it and please confirm?

    best regards

    from adobe
    Mode > Normal Uses more GPU memory and enables GPU-based color matching, tone mapping, and checkerboard blending.

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    Re: photoshop cs6 match color help

    That is slightly odd, because it sounds like an issue of vram. Typically in full screen mode, it wouldn't load underlying windows, which cuts back on the number of tests that the OpenGL framework needs to run. It has a pipeline that goes something like (haven't read this in a while, so I may be off) ownership (window is on top?)--> scissor-->alpha. Full screen mode should simplify that quite a bit, meaning other applications shouldn't be in the framebuffer at that point. You may want to check if it's a known bug with that card.


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