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  • d_kendal
    Hi Joe, Welcome to RetouchPro! up until now, I hadn't heard about the technology, so I went searching on google. apparently it's proprietary system only available on Kodak's professional digital cameras, so I'd guess that it can only work with files in that format, but it's hard to say. I found some info you might find interesting in a search on

    - David

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  • Joe Vickers
    started a topic Kodak ERI plugin

    Kodak ERI plugin

    I am new to photoshop and I have a question about the Kodak ERI (Extended Range Imaging). Can this plugin be used with any image or only the images shot from their cameras? I recently read about it in Photographic magazine. The article showed an overexposed photo corrected in photoshop and then corrected with the plugin and the results were extremely good with the Kodak software.

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