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Lost pressure sensitivity in PS7.0 ONLY

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  • Lost pressure sensitivity in PS7.0 ONLY

    First of all, hi all! I haven't been here in ages, but I had a good excuse.. I bought a new house

    With my head still in the clouds but my feet firmly back on the ground, everyday problems start easing their way back into my life.

    This one has me baffled:

    I lost all pressure senstivity in PS7.0 ONLY. In other apss it works fine, so the tablet is ok... Of course I tried uninstalling and re-installing both PS7.0 and Wacom drivers, but the problem is still there... I never had this problem in PS7.0 before...

    Any clues, help, hints, similar cases welcome! TIA

    Using a Wacom Intuos A3 (serial) GD1218, Photoshop 7.0, Win2000Pro.

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    Do you have pressure sensitivity set as the control for your brush characteristic?
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      Yes Doug, I double-checked anyway :-)


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        Check your Wacom settings. The usual one's do you have the correct brush? - is PS in the aplications list? - sensitivity test area etc. Also try removing the mouse from this set up, I found my pen tablet experienced wierd errors when I had the mouse and the pen in the set up - it acted normally after I removed the mouse... might be worth a try.

        Hope this helps, keep us informed if it starts to work again



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          I use 3 different wacom brushes, the 'normal' one, the ink pen and the airbrush tool. So, naturally, I checked to make sure my tools weren't mixed up... I checked and double checked every setting in wacom and PS I could possibly think of, and even those that are completely unrelated But thanks for reminding me, easy to overlook the simple things when you get frustrated!

          Tis morning installed PS6.0 as well, and there they work flawlessly...

          This is getting weird... Sent a mail to Adobe support and Wacom support today, hope they have any clues what might be wrong..

          I'll keep you posted.



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            Case Closed.

            Still haven't figured out what was wrong, but couldn't afford to spend more time playing Sherlock..

            Got my Ghost file out and did a format C: ....
            12 minutes later system was up and running, and pressure sensitivity is now back on....

            Maybe Windows was just being naughty again...


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              Ghost is fantastic for those moments of screaming 'AHHHHH will you please stop doing that and just work .... please!' at your computer. A true butt saver - LOVE IT

              I would love to hear the coments from Wacom and PS when they finally get back to you..... I wonder if they will just try to blame one another?

              Nice to hear your up and running again



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                A good source of Wacom help is here....



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                  Reply from Wacom Europe: (left out the unimportant bits)

                  "...since you stated that pressure sensitivity is working in other applications we can rule out any defects on your tablet or stylus.
                  ...We recommend you check your settings in the WACOM control panel for the application that is causing this problem thoroughly. If you are unable to resolve this problem we suggest you also contact the sotware manufacturer's support team regarding this issue. Check their support site for any relevant fixes/patches. ... ... And please feel free to call our telephone support team, one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you check your settings and try to locate the source of the problem...."

                  Gave them a call anyway. but as I thought, we couldn't figure out what was causing it, so then used the 'ghost' option. What was really good was that after a few minutes Wacom Europe offered to call me back so I wouldn't have to pay a lot for the (international) call charges!

                  No reply from Adobe....


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