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Problems selecting comp layer

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  • Problems selecting comp layer

    I am doing some restoration,using layers i am trying to produce a comp layer so that i have the original and what i have done up to date in the layers panel,the way to do this is to hit the Alt key before selecting merge visible,the problem i have is the merge visible selection panel disappears as soon as i hit the Alt key so i cannot select it together,does anybody have any idea of what i am doing wrong?
    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Problems selecting comp layer

    Does it work if you press alt-ctrl-shift-E?

    that will merge all visible layers to a new layer on top, and leave all the old layers intact.


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      Re: Problems selecting comp layer

      Originally posted by Rovanpera View Post
      Does it work if you press alt-ctrl-shift-E?

      that will merge all visible layers to a new layer on top, and leave all the old layers intact.
      +1 - I would do this as well.


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        Re: Problems selecting comp layer

        Many thanks for your replies,pressing Ctrl., shift, E just merges all layers to the most current state,it doesn't leave me with the individual layers and background layer below,however,pressing the above heys with the Alt. key does work,for some reason,pressing Alt and clicking merge visible,which would be easier no longer works on my PC,but,with your help i can still get the selection.
        Many Thanks.


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          Re: Problems selecting comp layer

          Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E - You missed including the ALT key in the shortcut.

          This will create a merged copy of all layers below and place it as the top-most layer.
          NOTE: Select the top-most layer before creating the merged copy, otherwise it will do this only from the active layer and below.


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