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  • Help with actions or otherwise

    When doing a lot of touchups, I am constantly switching between the bandaid tool in Normal / Source SAMPLED mode and the bandaid tool in Multiply / Source PATTERN mode.

    Is there any way to put that selection process into an action and assign it a hotkey because all the clicking is driving me crazy. I tried recording an action, but it doesn't take into account the mode of the tool. Am I doing something wrong?

    The only way I can minimize the clicks is to setup a preset tool, which I did, but it's still out of the way and not quick. I need to be buzzing back and forth.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Help with actions or otherwise

    Hi Fretter
    There is a way to do this in an action and you are close.
    1) Set up the tool preset the way you want
    2) In the Actions fly-out drop down (upper right corner of the Actions Panel) select the option "Allow Tool Recording"
    3) Then record an Action that selects one of the desired presets and assign that to a hot key
    4) Do the same for the other tool preset and assign another hot key
    That works for me. Hope it does what you want too.


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      Re: Help with actions or otherwise

      Perfect! Thank you so much.


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        Re: Help with actions or otherwise

        You're welcome Fretter.


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