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Dedicated Program or Plug-in for Converting Photos into Cartoon

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  • Dedicated Program or Plug-in for Converting Photos into Cartoon


    Is there any dedicated program to make cartoons/illustration from photographs?



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    I doubt it. The procedure is much more complex than it sounds. We had a Challenge for just this topic, and I don't think any two people used the same technique.

    However, if you're talking about simply converting into vector, then Adobe Streamline is a dedicated program just for that. Most draw programs like Illustrator and Freehand also have that capability. But there's a huge amount of work to do after the conversion.
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      I agree with Doug, complex and there are many styles of cartoons etc.

      I would suggest using Photoshop liquify or some other tool like Goo or whatever to give character to the image, you may also experiment with making heads larger with other transforms or whatever.

      Next edgefinding and photoart techniques to simplify and produce more hand rendered effects.

      With a bit of work much of the effect could be done, not saying it will be easy or pretty though. <g>

      Stephen Marsh.


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        Hi Doug & Stephen,

        Thank you so much for the information.



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